We play a leading role in the success of thousands of clients. We’re the fasting growing PPC agency in the US and UK, with thousands of satisfied clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

As one of the largest teams of PPC professionals in the UK, we live and breathe PPC. We’re specialists in paid search, social media and SEO.

No hype, no jargon, just successful, informed clients. We make sure that our clients are armed with the knowledge they need to be empowered to make smart business decisions.

Nobody knows your business like you do, so we believe in a collaborative approach. We’re experts in paid search, while you’re an expert in your business. Together, we achieve results.


We’re online advertising specialists, with almost a decade’s worth of experience. We’ve supported thousands of businesses, helping business owners, marketing managers, CEOs and managing directors to grow their business.

Our expertise were recently recognized when we were named Best Business Over 10 Employees.


Today, Click Convert is a leading authority in online advertising. We’re now a team of 27 working from offices in the UK and California, and since 2010, we’ve created $1.1 billion in sales. We’re pioneers in paid search, but the premise of Click Convert developed from humble beginnings.

At the beginning of 2010, our promotional gift business was in trouble. We’d grown fast, in retrospect, perhaps a little too fast. We’d bucked the trend and seemingly avoided the recession that was causing chaos around us during 2009. We’d built a multi-million dollar business on the back of Google Ads (or Adwords, as it was known back then) and rode the wave, but in 2010, we hit the cliffs hard.

We were losing money fast on Adwords, and we knew we had to find a way back to profitability. Click Convert founder John Langley stumbled across a new functionality in Adwords, and felt that there must be a reason that Adwords didn’t appear to be working. “In one of those life-changing moments, it was clear to me,” John explains. “It was at this moment that I first experienced Paid Search at its best and simply put; I fell in love with Paid Search. I was its master, but this was quickly followed by anger at the armies of agencies I’d employed. I now realized that they knew nothing. For the most part, this is an issue that is still true in the paid search world.”

Shortly after that event, John launched Click Convert as a way to educate and help business owners and marketing professionals. “Sometimes you can only create a major change if you’ve experienced this type of problem as a customer. I’d learned that a key issue with online retailing was isolation,” John says. “You operate in a vacuum, you have no way of knowing how others are performing. Are they busy or quiet? How much should conversions cost? You cannot beat having an expert on hand to guide you. I used to ring up my competitors to see how they were getting on!” To solve the isolation issue, John introduced mentoring as Click Convert’s key service. Little did he know that this idea would be copied and would become an entire industry in the UK. The company set about ending the negative stereotypes about Paid Search Agencies, striving to create a positive relationship between advertisers and the top search engines.

Connecting with individuals who had struggled with similar challenges proved very rewarding for John. “The advice I gave wasn’t always confined to Adwords, it was business mentoring too.”

Now, we are the UK’s leading agency in one-on-one Google Ads mentoring and management, and we’re pretty hot at Merchant, Shopping campaigns, social media and SEO too. In 2014 we expanded into America, launching Click Convert USA, headed up by Jamison Hollister. Our mission is to continue growing our online advertising agency to become the market leader for small to medium businesses in the US and UK.


We’re proud to be Google Premier Partners. Our experts are certified by Google, with proven abilities to manage ad spend, grow businesses and deliver tangible results.


It’s important to us to help others and we love to support good causes. Our UK office is based near to the Clwyd Special Riding Centre, a facility which provides equine experiences to individuals with complex needs. We’ve seen first-hand the fantastic work that the centre does.

Click Convert is proud to provide ongoing support to the centre.

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