For some time now I’ve been mulling over the idea of creating an info-graphic to illustrate some of the data we see daily. For example we know that 43% of advertisers who take an account review with us but don’t take our services for what ever reason will cease trading within a year. The flip side to this is that of the other 900 clients we’ve helped here only 2 ceased trading and we haven’t had anyone cease trading in over 17 months.

So what should I illustrate?

Maybe ‘how many advertisers are there on Google UK’ – my best estimate is 32,000.

Should I chart the top advertisers; EBay is the UK’s top advertiser serving 2.6 millions ads last month. Amazon for example serves 1.6 million ads and spends an estimated £70K per day.

I find this a little low as one of my mentors was headhunted by a large travel brand last year and I know he manages a daily spend of £64K per day. At the other end of the scale did you know that 80% of advertiser who try a Google Adwords vouchers fail and cease their advertising?

Or what about an info graphic on AdWords agencies – only 13% of advertisers we contact are happy with there experience of their AdWords agency which is a shockingly low figure but at least you know you’re not alone.

A good starting point I thought would be to review the existing AdWords Info graphics. A Saturday morning spent surfing the net turned up some truly amazing info graphics including one info graphic that Google banned.

It became clear that what I should do is compile a Top 5 AdWords info graphics list. I couldn’t resist the Facebook info graphic so I have included as a bonus.

Here’s my selection and the link to the info graphics is at bottom of this email

No 1 AdWords Info graphic – The War on Free Clicks.

This illustrates beautifully how Google is waging a war on organic listings. I believe the door on organic closed some time ago. Don’t you love the pandas and penguins?

No 2 How Does AdWords Work?

A simple illustration of key Adwords concepts

No 3 How To Optimize PPC Campaigns?

A great info graphics detailing the key concepts in AdWords optimization.  If you’re at the top of game this is nothing new, but for many the concepts may be easy to understand but implementing them can be a little more difficult.

No 4 Seven Deadly Sins.

The most common mistakes made when creating Adwords campaigns.

No 5 The One Google Banned – 24 hours in the Google Economy.

A very insightful graphics detailing performance rates and cost across industry sectors.

No 6 Facebook Ads – Do They Even Work? (Bonus Info graphic)
Perhaps the question should be does social marketing even work? For some it’s an absolute must, but for many they should run screaming.

Follow the link below you can visit the full post with the info graphics in all their glory.

John Langley

John Langley


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