Often running a small business can feel like having a never-ending to-do list; with the marketing tasks getting pushed down to the bottom by default. We have put together the top reasons (in no particular order) that explain why as a small business, you shouldn’t keep putting off getting stuck into your online marketing. 

1. Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Costly

Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be a direct or heavy financial burden, especially not to begin with. There are plenty of options when it comes to getting free business exposure. 

Small businesses are encouraged to start posting on their Social Media Channels – there is no charge! All you need to do is schedule a few hours of your time to create some basic posts. Even if you manage to publish one post a week, it’s a start. You can increase this as you get into the rhythm of things. To accompany this I would also interact with other users by searching for relevant hashtags and business groups. As a result, you will expand your reach to new people where you can start to introduce your product or service tactfully. Why not send out some free samples or provide complementary services to people you know in your own social circle that will share the word about your business too! 

Another low-cost effective way of advertising is attending business networking events and conferences. By using a simple Google Search you can apply to attend, even just as a guest (for free) to interact with people during the day. Alternatively, running a stand can be fairly inexpensive (usually around a £150/$200 one-off fee) to display your products or services, and get your name out there. 

2: Reach More Users Locally and Beyond Through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has essentially created a more even playing field between big conglomerates and small businesses. Granted, bigger businesses will have more advertising reach, but as a small business by using tools online you will have your fair chance to pitch prospects too. 

Maybe you’ve mastered your local area and are looking to expand? If so, Digital Marketing has no bias on geographical boundaries. We are all neighbours when it comes to the online space we spend so much time in. It creates more opportunities to reach out further than your own physical neighbourhood.

3: Digital Marketing Actually Sell Things

Most businesses exist for one sole reason, to make money! Digital Marketing can help you achieve this. People are always looking for a quick way to purchase what they want. With Social Media Shops you can easily buy directly from the platforms within a matter of clicks. Similarly, by creating calls to action on your Social Media pages you can get people to reserve a consultation spot in real-time to secure the lead. Driving traffic to your website is also an extremely effective way of encouraging people to take action there and then, reducing admin costs associated with selling in person. 

4: Gain Insight On Your Product/Service Offering Through Digital Marketing

Sometimes it’s not always what a potential client can get from you but what you can gain from them. Getting to know what your target customers want can help assist in improving your own offering to be more appealing and improve your chances of conversion. The first stage is to get in front of the right audience, then use any information they feedback to you to inform your product development and service offering. By selectively fulfilling the requests you receive you can potentially make a more profitable business long term. 

5: Improve Lifetime Value of A Client Through Digital Marketing

If you have already gained some good traction in terms of tangible results you can use Digital Marketing to create loyalty. Don’t fall into a false sense of security that the users you have already acquired will use your services again. It is much more cost-effective to keep someone coming back and improve their lifetime value in comparison to acquiring new leads. You can use Digital Marketing to keep past purchasers updated on new products/services to encourage them to return. Email marketing is incredibly effective for this. Read more about how to increase returning leads.

6: Your Competitors Are Using Digital Marketing

FOMO (fear of missing out) exists amongst your marketplace and rightly so! Your competitors are out there doing what you should be. Infiltrating your target audience with their offer. You need to ensure you are up amongst the brands you are fighting for attention with, in front of users where they choose to linger. Do you appear when someone searches for your products and services on Google? If not, then it’s time to figure out how to get there. 

You can also use your competitors Digital Marketing for research on how to position yourself. Take their ideas for inspiration and put your own personal stamp on them of course. It’s important you create your own identity, but there is certainly no harm in looking at the resources readily and easily available to you in your industry. 

7: Digital Marketing Can Build Trust

People often turn to multiple touchpoints to check the credibility of a new brand they are considering trying. We are naturally cautious of swapping brands especially to a smaller unknown business, therefore Digital Marketing can be used to convince your audience that you are a trustworthy source for what they need. You should highlight why you are the best choice through your content to reassure them. This could be achieved through helpful blog articles focused on your specific solution and industry for example. Keep in mind, If you are not active in the place your target audience expects to find you, they may put their guard up and talk themselves out of completing the action you desired from them. 

8: Digital Marketing Can Fund More Digital Marketing

You should treat your Digital Marketing like the Snowball effect. Once you start, you can aim to reinvest a proportion of the profits into more aggressive techniques such as PPC advertising to scale to a level you are comfortable with. As a general rule Marketing usually accounts for 10% of your revenue in costs, for efficient campaigns. You will need to invest in Digital Marketing to acquire more revenue. Keeping this at a level that is practical to your profit margins but not too restrictive is the balance you need to strike. 

9: Digital Marketing Makes You More Convenient To Your Customers

The fact is people are lazy – we are all guilty of it! There is only so much research an individual will do before they make a selection. It is recorded that over 80% of users will never venture to page two on the Google results. Digital Marketing can make your brand a convenient choice by appearing at the right moment for a person’s desires. If you’re a business that can be a spontaneous purchasing decision, you need to be where your people are. With them spending over 2 hours of the day on Social Media as an average figure – this is a good place to start! 

10: There Are More Options Than Ever With Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

There’s now more options than ever to access a specialist for project-based marketing activities, or long-term support. The days of constrictive marketing packages are slowly disappearing in favour of tailoring them around what small businesses specifically require. There are even opportunities to learn by yourself with an almost endless amount of free online resources via a simple search or by using Spotify podcasts. You can even fulfil gaps in your knowledge by using block Mentoring sessions with Click Convert Marketing for on-hand direct access to our specialists.  

If you would like to discuss your current Digital Marketing as a small business trying to scale, our experts would love to hear from you! Our calls come with no obligation to take up our services, we just appreciate the opportunity to meet new faces.

John Langley

John Langley


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