Over the past 3-4 months many of you who have been looking after your AdWords management on a regular basis will have noticed an alert from Google offering you the opportunity to change your AdWords campaigns from the standard Legacy campaigns to their new Enhanced campaigns.

Well as always with Google the time is fast approaching when this is no longer an option. As of the 22nd July 2013 EVERYBODY will be upgraded to the Enhanced campaign whether you are prepared or not!

What does Adwords Enhanced campaigns mean to me?

There are a number of changes that will occur when switched to Enhanced campaigns; for those of you who do not have a tablet optimised website, you will now be advertising on these areas and therefore an increase in your click costs is highly likely – you will no longer have a choice concerning tablets. Even those of you who are optimised for mobile and tablet will see the costs may rise due to their being many more advertisers in the market who don’t realise they are now advertising on mobile and tablets. Your costs per click will be pushed up.

If your site is not optimised for mobiles or mobiles have been troublesome with conversion cost in the past you need to act now.

However, for the expert advertisers among you, Enhanced Campaigns give you a much better opportunity of getting really granular with your targeting – the data gives you the ability to target your market place more accurately and make sure you are optimising your conversions.

If you are not prepared for this change then you are probably going to see an increase in costs or a drop in your sales as your competitors get the jump on you and start targeting your business your best customer groups. It’s a bit like natural selection for AdWords – only the savvy survive.

Call Click Convert the UK’s Leading AdWords Mentoring Specialists now on 01244 470067 to book your Enhanced campaign preparation sessions now and make sure your ready for Google’s latest round of changes on the 22nd July 2013.

John Langley

John Langley


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