What is Google AdWords Alpha?

When logging into Google AdWords recently, you may have been chosen as one of the lucky few to try out the brand new Google AdWords Alpha (see Google’s write up here). This is the new AdWords interface Google have been working on and gradually been rolling out to advertisers. Packed full of interactive, colourful visualisations of your data, AdWords Alpha is ‘hip’ younger brother of Google AdWords.

1. Wave goodbye to the ‘Dimensions’ tab

Hopefully, you have been utilising the very informative Dimensions tab in the current version of Google AdWords. This tab gives you quick and easy access to data such as the location of your customers, the hours of the day they are clicking, the day of the week etc. This data will still be in AdWords Alpha, but spread out in different locations.

2. Overview Page

google adwords alpha overview

As we can see above, the Overview page now looks great. In the previous versions of AdWords, we found that the Overview page (formerly named Home) wasn’t useful at all. Now, we have some colourful data visualisations that provide fast and clear data, who know graphs could aesthetically pleasing and still useful?!

3. It will be compulsory (so, get used to it!)

Old habits die hard, so; if you have the opportunity to change to Google AdWords Alpha… do it! Remember, it is still a work in progress so some features such as Business Data are still being worked on.

Eventually, Google will make Alpha compulsory for all users, so you may as well get ahead of the game and get to grips with it right away. For the mean time, you will be able to switch back to the old version so make the most of it.

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