Why most online marketing doesn’t work and what you can do about it

Not everyone wants to become an internet millionaire, most advertisers these days just want to earn a good living and get their fair share of sales. However, that fair share has recently become a big issue for many.

The economy is very unstable currently with concerns over the potential vote over leaving Europe, profit warnings from Next and High Street chains closing.
Many of you are victims of the Digital Myth. In truth very few make it on-line for any sustained period of time. Our database of on-line business shows the chances of making it are slim if things are not done right.
When I started in the early days of the internet most advertisers were pioneers building the internet and had set out to build amazing businesses and lives for themselves.
Looking back it would not be unusual to find small businesses spend over £10,000 per month on AdWords – we helped hundreds of businesses become incredibly successful and this changed our business too.
Today the market has been taken over by a different breed of advertiser. Often small businesses that just don’t want to be told what to do by a manager anymore and have set out to build an independent life with the objective of earning a nice living for them and their family.
But this dream has become a Digital Myth at a frightening rate for many as sales have just disappeared over the last few months.
Many new advertisers who start a business think it will be easy and often it is initially. You are good at your job so you are bound to be successful on-line. Marketing your business on-line will be simple you think, but many find out that it is the most aggressive, competitive and unstable marketing environment ever created.
The number of Etsy, Amazon and eBay advertisers we get who have just had their business turned off over night for any number of minor reasons is frightening.
Having been involved with the internet since the early days I understand the Digital Myth better than most and what you can do about it.
In essence traditional businesses are always changing at a rate that we all understand, but any business that generates sales via on-line advertising be it SEO, AdWords, Bing, Twitter or the Facebook changes at a rate that is anywhere from 10 to 1000 faster than off-line.
One moment you have a great little business and life is great and then it just turns. Google’s removal of the side ads is biting hard now in the UK and yet the biggest change is still to come. Google product ads will start of on the 16th of May to become a full price comparison engine where only the smartest will survive.
Now is the time to really tackle the Digital Myth. You need to build a system that consistently delivers sales that you can control in the fastest changing market in human history. You don’t need to be technical but you need a partner that keeps you in the game and ensures you don’t have to stress about sales and your future income safety.
I urge you to call us today for a chat about the Digital Myth and how you can avoid it to build a solid sales system to ensure you get your fair share of sales.

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    John Langley


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