Drum roll please…

You have a high CTR (click-through rate) and the traffic coming to your website is great quality. So, why aren’t you getting any conversions? Drum roll please… it’s your website!

Driving high quality/relevant traffic to your website is what we live for here at Click Convert. To do this, we utilise PPC Advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook etc. Once the traffic lands on your website, it’s up to the website to make the customer convert. Easy, right? …Wrong!

A while ago, I read a great article on Crazy Egg about ‘Why Ugly Website Design Often Converts (Better)’ and recently I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Your website design should be clean and clear, giving the visitor the information/products they need with ease.

computer website functionality 2

Free Website Functionality Test, for you!

Recently, we have decided to offer a completely free Website Usability & Website Functionality Test to anyone that is interested. Using our magic skills and your Google Analytics data, we will create a visual report on how your website is performing.

Let’s take a look at an example of a bad website report:

website functionality bad

Doing this analysis returns some very useful data, which you can use to improve your website. Firstly, we see the average page load time is just over 4 seconds. From a study done recently, we know that over 25% of visitors will abandon the page if it takes 4 seconds to load… that’s a lot!

B-b-b-bounce rate! A bounce rate of anything over 70% is worrying and needs to be addressed, stat. Unless you are running a blog or a single page website, you want to aim to have a bounce rate between 20% and 50%.

Next along, we can see that people are only spending 30 seconds per session. Combine that with the bounce rate and that people are only visiting 1 page per session, it is definitely time to ask yourself, why?


Now, an example of a good website report:

website functionality good

Just take a second to look at the data for this website. Ideally, this is how you want your website to be running.

The average page load time is just over 1 second and the bounce rate is under 50%. Amazing start!

The average time people are spending on a page is over 2 and a half minutes and they are visiting over 4 pages per session… boom! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that it some impressive data, you too can achieve this.



In short, slow and badly designed websites don’t convert – simple. To get your free Website Functionality Test report, all we need is access to your Google Analytics and the rest is up to us.  Once you have received your report, we can then give you expert advice on our SEO and Website Optimisation services and whether they are right for you.