After what seems like years, I’ve made the decision to focus on our own marketing again here at Click Convert.

We have been so focused on achieving results and on-boarding new customers that I forgot my own personal goal to help people understand digital marketing.

Okay, my focus has paid off. Last time I wrote a blog, we were a small PPC agency. We are now a team of 25 and we’re on target to grow to 40 staff by next year. In California, we are on target to become the fastest growing PPC agency. We are now Google Premier Partners too, which seems a big deal to Google who tell us we are now in the top 50 Google Ads agencies by spend and clients – that was a bit of a shock.

The upshot of employing the smartest digital marketing team is that they make demands such as ‘we need better marketing for ourselves’. As a result, I’d like to introduce Lisa, who will head up our efforts with blogging, white papers, videos and guides. Lisa’s role is to take on the big guns in our industry – Logical Position and White Shark media. Our goal is to showcase how we deliver a far superior service.

Here at Click Convert, recruitment is an ongoing process as we continue to grow. During interviews, I often ask a candidate if they have read any marketing books or blogs to improve their knowledge and remain up to date. Usually, they explain that they simply absorb knowledge from being in a marketing environment. When pressed on the strategies that they learn from this, they’ll tell me ‘Just the usual best practices.’ They’ll often excuse their lack of knowledge by explaining that, in a digital world, changes are simply too fast paced to keep up with, and they’re busy getting on with their job.

Yep, some clients are paying their agency for this attitude. I often point out that they wouldn’t allow a surgeon with such a cavalier approach to their skillset to operate on them.

A marketing age study of 1003 business executives found their marketing knowledge to be so poor that they would have achieved better results had they responded ‘don’t know’ to every question. Yet, business owners are still putting their success in the hands of agencies with little understanding of marketing or business.

Needless to say, nearly all candidates don’t make the grade here – I am sure they’ve gone off to some other agency that deals vague objectives such as brand building.

Our clients demand a rare thing amongst marketing agencies – sales. In truth, most agencies don’t want our clients. Agencies talk about sales, but really, they won’t put numbers on the results. In our industry, it’s a dirty word – little wonder considering the marketing age study. Click Convert is different. It’s a team of the smartest marketeers around that focus on delivering quantifiable results.

As a little aside, if an agency tells you Facebook is where it’s at for sales, particularly e-commerce, you’ve probably found the wrong guys. Facebook is great for creating awareness and remarketing, not sales. Google Ads and Amazon deliver sales. Hope that helps.

So our blog and our in-the-pipeline new website are going to focus on common sense digital marketing that bridges the gap between business and marketing. It’s not going to be the usual ‘hey, this bit changed today on Google Ads’ bulls**t.

In all my years of marketing, only a few changes have been really important in digital marketing. Our outstanding record has been achieved using a few simple concepts. Our concept is to ensure our customers are informed, empowering them to make smart decisions that lead to results. It’s that simple.

So hopefully you’ll follow our blog and maybe, just maybe, become a valued client. Now we (Lisa really) just have to publish the blog.

*It would be amiss if I didn’t credit Drayton Bird for parts of this blog.

John Langley

John Langley


I am the founder of Click Convert, an Award Winning agency, here to deliver great marketing for Small and Medium Businesses. We’ve created over $1.1 billion in sales for clients. We’re one of the top digital marketing companies in America and the UK for small and medium businesses digital marketing. We’re a Google Premier Partner, a Google Top 50 agency and our work was recommended by Google’s CEO in 2020. Outside of family and Click Convert, Cars, Adventure and Pizza are my passion. Our vision is to Inform, Empower and Deliver to help both clients and readers.

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