Upon coming in the office this morning, I opened up AdWords just like any other day. A message appeared, informing me that there had been some changes to the Enhanced CPC bidding strategy. Instantly, the whole office gathered round to see what Google have been up to this time…

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Firstly, what is Enhanced CPC?

In Google AdWords, there are several different bidding strategies which will automatically adjust your bids according to what Google sees fit. Previously, Enhanced CPC would up your Max CPC bid up to 30% in situations where Google thinks you have a better chance of getting a conversion. It would also “decrease” your Max CPC in situations where Google thinks you have less chance of getting a conversion.

So, what changes have been made?

In Google’s own words “We’re now removing the 30% bid cap to fully account for differences in conversion rates across dimensions like audience and location.” (source: Google Support). Now, the 30% cap has been removed. If people don’t see that Google have these made changes to Enhanced CPC and are using it, they may see a big difference in spend and conversions… not good!

We recommend that anyone using Enhanced CPC reviews their campaigns right away, to ensure your spends/conversions aren’t taking a turn for the worst.

Need help?

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John Langley

John Langley


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