So your all now on enhanced campaigns, Google’s latest big change! Some of you were ready others not so.

Well while you were all getting prepared for enhanced campaigns, Google rolled out a new service – dynamic remarketing. In lay terms it’s the ability to customise the content of your ads based on what prospects have viewed. The smart cookies out there may immediately recognise this as product rotator ads. These have been around for some time on non Google networks, but it’s a new frontier for Google. Where there’s a new frontier there’s money to be made by the pioneers.

If you are selling a product (not service) through your website and don’t have Google Product Listing Ads, it’s a sure bet that your competitors will jump in with them. Product Listing Ads have been a great success for our clients in improving their conversions and after all Click Convert are the specialists in changing your clicks into conversions.

So what are Rotator Ads? Well simply put they are a type of remarketing cookie that tracks visitors to your site with new information. This information is a major jump forward in tracking – sites can now record the products viewed, spend level and grade you on criteria such as customer quality, value as a customer and frequency of purchase. Armed with this new data it becomes clear that ad costs will start to rise as advertisers can target the most lucrative and regular customers to their sites. Product Rotator ads enable you to place the adverts showing scrolling images of the most recent products viewed based on the data held in the new dynamic remarketing cookies.

So how do they work? Well that’s simple too, once a potential customer has clicked on one of your organic listings, visited directly or more often these days clicked your ad, they should be taken to that particular product on your website. Now here they have two options, Buy or Leave? If for some reason they decide to leave, this is when your Product Rotator Ads kick in. Firstly when they arrive at your website it will place a cookie on their computer recording the information previously discussed. Should they not proceed to purchase, you can follow them around the internet consistently showing them adverts showing the products they have viewed on your website. These adverts are then shown within any third party website that supports the Google AdWords Network including many mobile devices and mobile apps, constantly reminding them that they haven’t yet bought your product. If they do purchase that product from your website your website can then remove this cookie if you wish.

We’ve worked with dynamic remarketing and product listings ads since the beta release and have been able to develop new techniques that really enable you to take full advantage. We’ve found that in there default format results can be patchy, but we’ve exploited the system to the full with customisation and generated some impressive results.
Now as with any new Google AdWords features there is a small window of opportunity where you can really make hay while the sun shines – this is the summer if there ever was one to make hay!. For example when Google changed from Google Shopping (Froogle) to the paid Product Listing ads the early uptakes’ saw a huge increase in conversions where some were getting an extraordinary return of £30 in turnover for every £1 spent which is way above the average of £7 -£10 on most accounts. As with everything once everyone jumped on the bandwagon it began to settle.

Here at Click Convert we pride ourselves on making sure we deliver you the latest strategies that are at the cutting edge of AdWords. If you’re a business owner or marketing professional, you cannot afford to miss this latest advance.

So don’t miss the bus and get on the Product Rotators bandwagon now before everyone else does and start making some serious money.

John Langley

John Langley


I am the founder of Click Convert, an Award Winning agency, here to deliver great marketing for Small and Medium Businesses. We’ve created over $1.1 billion in sales for clients. We’re one of the top digital marketing companies in America and the UK for small and medium businesses digital marketing. We’re a Google Premier Partner, a Google Top 50 agency and our work was recommended by Google’s CEO in 2020. Outside of family and Click Convert, Cars, Adventure and Pizza are my passion. Our vision is to Inform, Empower and Deliver to help both clients and readers.

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